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As a health food enthusiast I have to admit it is sometimes hard for me to find some time to prepare a decent portion of food for the day. I hate ending up in the local store to buy some instant-food because either I’m getting something I regret or I’m spending some ridiculous amount of money. I might have found solution to that hopeless scenario though: Thermomix.

Thermomix is a popular food processor that has been on the market for more than a few decades. It is however not popular because so many people poses it but rather because they heard about it… and its price. Thermomix is not cheap and that’s a fact. But some products on the market are just worth extra bucks and the investment is recouped in the short run. Is that the case with Thermomix?

I’ve had many different blenders and food processors through college years. Most of them represented cheap side of the price and they usually were useless (either from beginning or after a couple weeks of use). Even though I’ve heard about magical abilities of Thermomix I was a bit skeptical at first. One day I got talked into participation in one of the Vorwerk (brand of the Thermomix) presentation. To be honest I was really impressed. There was no dish I eat on daily basis the Thermomix could not handle. The only thing I was worried about was some kind of tragic malfunction. The warranty sounded reasonable though, so I decided to get one on my own.

It was a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been preparing my every-day meals with help of the Thermomix. I got so used to I might have forgotten how to cook with conventional methods… But as long as it saves me so much time I really don’t mind. My Thermomix shows no signs of wear and I hope it will stay this way forever – definitely recommend buying this one!