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Modern and practical office lighting

Because of the shorter days in the winter season, the light in our offices is switched on almost all the time. Experts are talking about an importance of proper lighting in the workplace especially when there is a lack of a natural light.

During the autumn and winter most of us suffer from lack of daylight. When we get up to work in the morning it is usually still dark, and when we return home in the afternoon we usually fall into darkness as well. This time of the year and the aura outside the window affect on our overall mental and physical condition. We are more susceptible to infections and colds but also to the autumn-winter lack of good humor. Therefore at this time very important is properly designed and selected artificial lighting in our homes and flats but primarily in the workplace.


Light does matter

Correct lighting in the office is a basic thing. The conditions in the workplace directly affect into the well-being of employees and the effectiveness of their duties. The proper functioning of offices is also based on the proper lighting. Therefore, in order to prevent a decrease in energy and motivation, it should be designed in a consistent and reasonable manner. When the possibilities of using daylight come to the end, it is necessary to think about the proper illumination of the interior with artificial light.

During the whole designing of the lighting in the office must be considered a several important issues including: location of the object and dimensions of the surface, then the character of the work. It is equally important to determine whether an office space is built on an open plan, or whether it is dominated by smaller rooms for up to several people. The choice of lighting also determines the type of office interior and the function it should fulfill.

So whether we design the lighting of a conference room, hall, reception, training room or even business rooms, it should be organized in a flexible way that fits the space and user needs. Lighting can also serve as a signpost, making it easier to navigate throughout the office space, and can also point to important places, such as a staircase exit or an escape route. This is particularly important if we are thinking about the safety.

design lighting in an office

Light in the office

First of all it is necessary to design the main lighting as it provides the biggest amount of light to illuminate the entire office space. In open-plan offices and large areas, linear fluorescent lamps are often used in suspended ceilings. This type of lighting, however, rarely occurs on its own. In order to achieve the best possible effect, the main lighting often supports local lighting, different lamps, halogen lamps and very fashionable and popular products using LED technology.

Point lighting is not only a useful solution but also very convenient for the individual user. An additional light source on the desk can be freely set to the height and optimally adjust the angle of light beam. Especially good in the offices are the light elements, in which instead of traditional bulbs or fluorescent lamps, there are LEDs. They are definitely more durable and energy-efficient, and their applicability varies.

Office work is a very tiring job. Because of the long seat behind the desk can suffer our back and our eyes. It is necessary to ensure optimum working conditions in order to fulfill business duties efficiently and among employees to be satisfied and motivated.

Properly selected lighting is one of the basic determinants of comfort and safety in the workplace. It is worth thinking about it before.