Machines for 3D glasses cleaning

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Machines for 3D glasses cleaning

There is no doubt that if you want a clear, good quality 3D movie, you need to take proper care of your 3D glasses. Dirty, scratched, broken glasses can ruin everything and get your cinema customer complaints regarding the quality of your service. How do big cinemas all around the world deal with having to regularly clean their extensive amount of 3D glasses? They use Kooptech’s Washer-Dryer for them! How does it work and why is it so effective?

The Kooptech system – what does it take to clean 3D glasses?

The system designed by Kooptech-Cinema is one of the most reliable, popular and recommended ways of safe and effective maintenance for 3D glasses. The first rule that has to be remembered here is that cinemas don’t have the time or people necessary to physically clean each and every one pair of their 3D glasses between movie screenings. Such an ineffective and economically unwise process could even harm the glasses if done in a rush.

The Kooptech system takes care of washing, drying and sanitizing 3D glasses, as well as allows it to be safely stored and transported whenever there is a need to do so. Using a reliable machine that was designed for various types of 3D glasses, baskets that are keeping the glasses safe and secure during the process and special washing liquids and water softeners so that the lenses don’t get damaged, the system is surely an investment worth making, regardless the size of the cinema.

How does it work?

The machine that is used for cleaning and drying 3D glasses is a small, all-in-one system that takes care of every stain, smudge and dirt on the surface of the glasses and sanitizes them so that they are safe to use by multiple people. The whole cleaning cycle takes about 4 and a half minutes and thanks to the meticulously chosen water temperature, washing liquids and water softeners, there are no watermarks, streaks or spots after the process is finished.

Why is it so important for the temperature of the water and the dryer to be low? High temperatures could seriously damage the lenses and distort the image, which is obviously not something you’d expect from a high quality system. Also, the softer the water, the better for the lenses, so it becomes obvious that water softeners should be a part of the process. As a result of using the system, cinemas can be sure to run effectively without having to worry about dirty and unsanitary 3D glasses getting from one customer to another without proper care.