Don’t move… improve. Take inspiration from extension ideas in London

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Don’t move… improve. Take inspiration from extension ideas in London

There are so many options when it comes to house renovations and building extensions, it’s no wonder people are getting more and more interested in the idea. If you need more space at your house, you don’t need to move or do crazy adjustments. Sometimes just a small extension adds a lot to the house and if you don’t go over the ceiling value in the area, it can increase the value of your house significantly. The ideas for the extensions are endless, so we collected some of them to hopefully get you inspired on your upcoming journey and help you get the most out of the improvements without going overboard with your budget.

Redesign your house

While you might consider your house to be a done project that can be improved only by adding an extension, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the actual building outside the house. Improvements can be done inside as well! Moving the walls and changing up the existing room arrangement will help you get the optimum layout and make the best use of natural light, good views, access to the garden and keeping your privacy levels high.

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Once you know what way you want the extension to go, you can redesign your arrangement inside to perfectly incorporate the new space into the old one and get the real use and value from it. Let’s say your kitchen is facing the garden, but you can’t really enjoy the view as there’s nowhere to sit at. Extend the kitchen into the garden and use the extension as a conservatory or a dining room that will make for the perfect summer evenings in.

Go up, not sideways

If you’re on a tight budget and fear the costs of extending outwards, think about going up! The costs per square meter get significantly higher if you need to cover a larger area with roof and foundation elements. Going up, everything is already there, so you just need some walls and windows. You can get a lot of space by extending up – you can build an extra storey on top of an existing single storey or, even better, on top of your garage! So much space added, so much space saved!

Utilise your ceilings

Period houses can be found all over London, making it the best base for creating unique designs. Tall ceilings are so common here, but rarely used in a practical way. How would you feel about creating an adding woodwork there and making it feel contemporary and old fashioned at the same time? Wood blocks can make for a perfect design feature and if you plan it right, you could even use it as a storage space or even better, a cosy den! Think about it – a cosy bedroom under the ceiling with a big window pointing straight at the sky makes a perfect spot for stargazing and adds an extra space for when your guests arrive.