Best design solutions for your basement

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Best design solutions for your basement

According to some statistics from the Commission for Architecture and the Build Environment, the UK is home to the smallest houses in Europe. Even walking around London is enough to understand that high cost of building land combined with pressure on space resulted in some pretty small houses that for an average American would seem tiny. However, there are some ways that you could make more use out of your house without even requiring any more land or doing an extension. How would you feel about redoing your basement?

Find the best use for the space

Most houses in England have basements and almost just as many use it as a badly organised storage room. There are so many ways to use the space and basically make your house bigger without actually changing its size! If there’re no windows in your basement, you could potentially turn it into a workshop, a utility room, a wine cellar or a well-organised storage room without putting too much work into it.

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Not afraid of little renovation work? Invest in some electrical and plumbing works, finish up the walls and the floor and you got yourself a games room, a home cinema, a gym, or even a spare room! And if there are windows or lightwells, a family room, an extra kitchen, an office, or a cosy bedroom would be perfect there. See what we’re getting at?

Make the most use of what you’ve already got

Basements can be hard to do up and we’re not going to pretend it’s any different. However, even a closed space as dark and forgotten like a basement can get a whole new look with some simple touches.


First of all, incorporate multiple lightwells if possible and make the most use out of the little natural light you can get in the basement. If you are willing to do some construction work and can get all the necessary permits, you can consider a sunken garden that will give separate access to the basement and allow more light in.

Remember that a basement is basically the size of your ground floor, which makes for a lot of free space to use. Don’t stop at one thing and if you need, put a couple of rooms there! Using neutral colours, a lot of reflecting surfaces and some good quality lighting, you can get a basement to look big and spacious and not at all gloomy and dark. Free space in a house that seemed to be a finished project? We’re all for it!