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Auschwitz Mine Tours from UK

Learning by mistakes is one of the key for developing new skills and further growth. However, it is strongly recommended to learn from mistakes from the past. Therefore history is an extremely important factor and one should never neglect it. From the recent history events one of the biggest historic event that had a great impact on our reality was WW2. One of the most important WW2 heritage is currently available to visit and learn from in Poland. offers tours to German Death Camps in Auschwitz. The offer is complex – the company from Poland provides accommodation, transport and professional guiding tour in English. Private trips take approximately 6 hours and the Auschwitz is 60 km away from Cracow. There is, of course, an option to visit the camps by yourself (free of guide charge).

kopalnia soli w Wieliczce

If you would like to spend one more day exploring national heritages of Poland, there is a great opportunity to visit Wieliczka Mine as well. It is one of the most commonly visited mine in the world and it belongs to the elite UNESCO list.

Poland has so many things to offer that 2 above only cover the tip of an iceberg. It is however a convenience way to travel from UK to spend a nice and productive weekend. Reading and watching documents is a great way to explore world, but there is no substitute to witnessing things for yourself… One of a must to see!