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Arcteryx Cierzo 25

Arcteryx Cierzo is a popular line of climbing backpacks designed for pushing your limits in alpine environment. The Cierzo 25 has unique structure of fully fledged backpack combined with foldable sack. It means that you can comfortably bring it as a second backpack and use it for the summit push. It is big enough to fit in all the essential you need: a puffy, hardshell, set of nuts and cams, snacks, extra gloves and sunglasses. On the outside you can also attach crampons, ice axes, rope and a helmet – with such a set you can easily try every route in alpine range. Here are some facts about Arcteryx Cierzo 25:

  • the construction is fully frameless
  • the capacity reaches 27l (1,647 cubic inches)
  • the weight is 14.6 ounces
  • it has access only from the top, with an additional pocket on the lid
  • it is unisex

I have tested Cierzo in both rocks and mountains. For the weekend climbing at local crags it is not as convenient because you will probably not benefit from the unique features like ultralight and compressible construction. On the other hand, when it comes to mountains I really loved it. It has all essential attributes I would look for in such a backpack – it’s light, quite comfortable (when packed right) and after hard use it wears no signs of outwear. Great option for dedicated mountain climbers.